Formal schooling in Kuwait begins at the age of 6, with most of the prominent schools holding KG/Preparatory classes for 3- or 4-year olds. There are a number of schools in the country that follow both the British and American curriculum.

While by no means exhaustive, this list provides links to many of the schools popular with expat families in Kuwait:

Registration and Enrollment

We recommend that you contact schools well before you arrive because some schools have waiting lists. Be sure to register your child as soon as possible. Most schools will only accept full payment of fees in advance (annually or per term), with no refunds possible whatsoever. Fees vary from school to school, with most offering a 10% discount for enrolling more than one child.

Health Requirements

Before a pupil is admitted to a school, the School Health Section of the Ministry of Education requires evidence of a BCG vaccination (showing a scar on the arm is usually sufficient), and a general health examination. Your school will provide all the necessary information about these requirements.

Special Needs

The following websites provide information about Kuwaiti schools, clubs, associations, research centres and institutes for people with special needs.