Overall, Kuwait has a good standard of healthcare and English is spoken at public and private hospitals. Expats can use all public (government) clinics and hospitals by simply showing a Civil ID and government Health Card, and paying a small fee.

Private hospitals and clinics are available in Kuwait and offer greater comfort and shorter waiting times than government care. There are also numerous pharmacies to choose from, particularly around hospitals, clinics and in most Co-ops.


If you plan to have your baby in Kuwait, there are several specialised maternity hospitals available including Al Sabah Maternity Hospital, the London Hospital and the Royal Hayat Women’s Hospital. The five general hospitals also do deliveries, as well as many generalist private hospitals.

Dentists & Opticians

Dental care can be found in both government hospitals and private dental clinics. The government services are good, with procedures that include the usual cleanings, fillings, extractions and root canals. For other procedures, such as crowns and cosmetic dentistry, expats must attend private clinics.

It is easy to find opticians in Kuwait. Eye tests are generally offered free of charge, and prescriptions and contact lenses are easily procurable. Laser surgery is done at several of the major private hospitals.

Alternative / Complementary

It is a bit of a challenge to find osteopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors etc. Other therapies like massage, aromatherapy etc, are often practised as a cottage industry by expat wives or offered in salons and spas.

Health Insurance

The compulsory, government-run health insurance is paid, usually by your husband’s employer, when your Residency Permit is issued. You will receive a Health Card that exempts you from many charges within the public health system, eg medicines, x-rays, lab tests, operations and daily in-patient charges. Costs for other tests and procedures are often heavily subsidised. Private insurance is not strictly necessary in Kuwait but many employers provide it as part of the employee’s package.